Handcrafted Jewelry Made in Chicago IL and Mckinney Tx


From The Designers

Nicole Salerno


NLS began in 2013 with a necklace designed and handmade by NLS owner and designer Nicole Salerno. Nicole quickly discovered how much inner strength and power that little nugget of hope around her neck gave her and so the idea for NLS was born. Today NLS creates handcrafted jewelry with love by artisan hands just outside Chicago, IL in the NLS Studio. NLS is continuously partnering with different organizations to not only empower and inspire but give back in a meaningful way.

Chicago based jewelry designer Nicole Salerno is quickly making waves in the fashion industry with her collection of handcrafted inspirational jewelry as well as custom designs. NLS is now available in 800 stores across the United States and into Canada.


Matt Tomas

I always enjoyed building. Using my hands. Repurposing items other people regarded as 'trash'. I have also always felt a strong connection to express myself through jewelry ( I wonder what I was saying with all my Puka Shells in the 90's?)  Somehow, through the luck of the universe, not it's my job.

I believe in the power of simplicity. I believe that its possible to make change through the items we choose to wear. I believe there is something out there for everyone that can allow them feel a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Finding the right piece of jewelry might just be the thing you need to help feel the ground and take a breath. It can be transformative. It might sound silly, but I know it to be true. It might be a simple brass cuff? A ring? Or maybe even a Puka Shell Necklace (No Judgment)



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