Handcrafted Jewelry Made in Chicago IL and Mckinney Tx

Jewelry Information & Aftercare

  • All of our jewelry is nickel free and hypoallergenic
  • All silver earrings are sterling silver
  • All gold and rose gold earrings are filled
  • All necklaces are a plate or a fill
  • All stones are real stones (With the exception of our Synthetic Turquoise)
  • Our plated and filled chains are durable, long lasting, and sweat resistant. It will not turn your skin green and you will not see a quick tarnish or flaking. With that being said....Everything Changes! Embrace it! BUT  here are a few hints to give your jewelry the longest, brightest life possible. 
  • Do your best to keep it away from moisture when not wearing
  • Avoid storing in the bathroom
  • Keep in a jewelry box, or a ziplock bag
  • We recommend not sleeping, showering, or swimming in jewelry 
  • Avoid throwing lose in a purse or bag-Keep a little plastic bag or small pouch handy
  • If you start to see a tarnish you’re not into, take a simple non-abrasive polishing cloth to your earrings or necklace. Do this every now and then to give it it new life. We recommend this one
    • We do a lot of threaders. Like. A lot. We are glad you have them! But if you want to keep them forever, we recommend always wearing plastics backs. Gently slide the plastic back up the earring and put your mind at ease. 
    • And above all... BE KIND TO YOUR JEWELRY!